The Hangover

Now were drunk again but this time for a very good reason.



Now that the holidays are officially over – after days of drinking sprees and celebrations, I can say, it now feels good to be sober. Hunger pangs however did not take a step back, so I found myself In the middle of the night getting my burger and fries fix. Filled I am, I needed to do something to somehow ease out my fullness.

As for me and my other brothers (from another mothers), it was not just the holidays for Christmas and New Year celebrations because on top of it, two from the aforementioned brothers decided to get married – one, right before the holidays, and the other, on day three of 2019.

#cabelgotpotato                                 #naKATHadhanakayCJ

Time flies. Fast. Memories of being kids playing around to teens sneaking for spots to “experiment” to my mind is still fresh as the recent holidays, it feels like yesterday. It is indeed fast that we cannot do anything to slow it down but to enjoy and live every moment, whether it’s a tough time or bliss, we should make it count.

“The clock ticks life away” ika nga ng linkin park. Kaya mabuti, sulitin na lahat.

The past do not decide the future. In every aspect of life, there will always be setbacks, challenges, failures and heartbreaks. Speaking of heartbreaks, (syempre ipapasok ko na) I’ve seen these brothers find love and lose it, in which they cannot do anything about kundi magwalwal at magpakalunod sa alak. But still, as millenials would say – plot twist. Now were drunk again but this time for a very good reason.



“Mga pagsubok lamang yan wag mong itigil ang laban” sabi sa kanta ng orient pearl. G lang.

At the end of the day, boys will be boys. I would always remember when we were kids, we were always reminded by our teachers to play without causing unecessary injuries to one another, no rough games so to speak. E ang kaso, mga sutil.




Orange eggs

So, there’s this video that went viral about a street vendor that was allegedly “recycling” kwek kweks to be sold again in the streets. As can be gleaned from the video, seems like he was preparing it in the street, possibly the same spot where he sells it — unwraps the orange coating and sets the egg aside into the water.

These acts, safe to say that the eggs will be re-sold again together with the new ones on that day.

we are concerned about the safety of the food being sold

I, personally, am fond of street foods, it’s tasty and cheap, Notwithstanding the fact that in college we were enlightened on the different hazards that comes from it. From what I recall, there are two aspects of Food — Chemical and Microbiological, thus, the hazard/s have a large probability that would come from either one of them or both. The life of a Food Technologist primarily revolves around these wherein the job is to set standards and to ensure that the same is being observed to render food safe and to have the optimum quality for the consumer.

Considering that a street vendor has a meager means to run its business, consequently, it compels him to find simple ways to economically suit its day-to-day activities. That’s why we cannot simply put all the blame to the vendor who opts to recycle his products, but that does not mean that this should be a generally acceptable practice especially when it is accustomed that there are a lot of people who crave for what the street has to offer.

as much as we want to enjoy, today’s time also calls for the setting of bounds, we shall determine where the line should be drawn as safety and welfare of the people is of utmost concern.

Section 15(c) of the IRR of the Food Safety Act states:

xxx the LGU shall also be responsible for street food sale, including ambulant vending”


“The LGUs shall be responsible for the implementation of the food safety requirements of foods produced within their areas of jurisdiction xxx this shall include xxx street vended and/or ambulant vended foods and the requirements for activities and facilities for the production, handling, processing, preparation transport and storage of these foods”

It can be easily understood that LGUs are also mandated by law aside from the different government agencies concerned to implement food safety requirements, through food safety officers as defined in ArtII Sec4(p), hence, the need there is for a clear understanding of what is safe or not before a person can be held liable. I also wonder, among the things a Local Government is concerned with, aside from road repairs and waiting sheds, where does food safety appear on the list, or, does it even?  :p

Referring once more to the video, can it be said that it does not comply with the requirements of food safety? The law refers to food safety as the assurance that food will not cause harm to the consumer when it is prepared or eaten according to its intended use. It must be noted that the provision made reference to something that has not yet occurred, hence, it is safe to say that the preparation stage is one of the critical points where the law sought to control as expressly stated also. Watch the clip again, you be the judge.


While it seems that the determination whether food is safe or not, is a complex task, it is a practice among everyone to use our senses as gauge — normally, if it looks or smells unfavorable then it’s not safe. However, there are also hazards that cannot be detected by mere senses (remember the milk tea incident?) that’s why we should always be mindful in preparing foods that we consume or sell for it is a joint responsibility to keep everyone away from harm. Nevertheless, it is good to know that people nowadays are more critical with regards to these kind of issues.



food technologists play a major role in the society, thus the more necessity there is to have it professionalized

Just last week, during our first meeting, my professor did the routine of getting to know — introducing himself and getting to know the students or the so-called “meet and greet”. We were asked to state the following: our name, undergraduate school and course, work, and desired grade. Haha! My turn came and of course I stated the same, but my professor asked “what is Food Technology? Ano yun nagluluto kayo?” For me, and for the rest of the Food Technologists (FTs) it is a/n FAQ, we always have a ready reply for this and it would consist of words and phrases that would deviate what we do aside from cooking then glorify it with some scientific terms to put a heavier conviction for it. Which I did, although there are few definitions that can be found on the internet.


But the time has come, that we already have a legal basis or definition for it in the Philippines. Under section 3 par. b of the Senate Bill 1269 otherwise known as PHILIPPINE FOOD TECHNOLOGY ACT OF 2016, provides:

“Food Technology is the application of science and related fields of study in postharvest handling, preparation, processing, packaging, storage and distribution of food to ensure food security and well being of individuals families and communities. It includes the social, cultural, economic, managerial and environmental aspects of a food system”

The first premise focuses on what areas of study is involved, in school, FT students are trained to have scientific eyes for Food through the application of science generally Chemistry and Microbiology, FT students treat food just like how a doctor is to a patient. Food is observed, examined and studied in the Laboratory mainly because we all know that food is the basic requirement for human beings in order to sustain life thus it should be rendered SAFE.

In 2013, RA 10611 or the Food Safety Act was enacted, however the Law was somehow generalized on who is equipped with the proper set of skills to reach its objectives. For me, this is where the FTs come to the picture and as defined in section 3 par. c of SB 1269

“ Food Technologist refers to a person qualified to practice food technology as provided in this act xxx”

From the above definitions, I think it is safe to say that one role of a Food Technologist is to ensure Food security and for a better understanding, I took the liberty to google it and found this

“Food security, as defined by the United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security, is the condition in which all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.”

Indeed, food technologists play a major role in the society, thus the more necessity there is to have it professionalized. Senate Bill 1269 is one way to enhance the compliance mechanisms of the Food Safety Act because the former will give birth to professionals who are sufficiently equipped with scientific and technical knowledge about food, in effect, the former will strengthen the spirit and intent of the latter. We are now in the stage wherein we can say that it is just a matter of time.

I cannot tell when but a little learning in Political Law might help, my professor then taught me that a bill has to pass three readings wherein it has to be read, scrutinized, debated and voted on before it’s sent to the other chamber pursuant to the bicameral system of our legislative department then for the approval or veto (hope not) by the president.  Senate bill 1269 has recently passed the three readings of the senate and we’ll be expecting it to be read, scrutinized, debated and voted on by the other chamber any time soon.

 January 29, 2017, the Philippine Association of Food Technologists – Gamma Chapter (PAFT-Gamma) of De La Salle Araneta University formely “GAUF” celebrated its 50th anniversary. The school was the third institution to offer BS Food Technology in the Philippines and I am proud to be a part of it. As it turned gold, a new chapter will begin and a very promising one especially to the new graduates for the long wait is soon to be over.




striking a balance between being healthy and being happy. 🙂 That’s my simple formula.


Back in 2013, I started to lose almost all the weight I gained through college. It was back then when Circuit Training was first introduced to me, desperate as I am, I didn’t hesitate to try it although I knew it was going to be tough. Next thing, I was there at the center of the gym doing the warm up routine and finally went on to the first exercise. To roughly describe, it was 30 seconds of different exercise that would last for 10 minutes for 3 rounds, so that would be a total of 30minutes.  After the workout session, I never felt so exhausted in my whole life but sure it was a hell of fun! Sweat dripping all over, heart pounding and all of the good stuff – endorphins! Definitely, I enjoyed it and even got a coach to help reach my goal that was solely to lose weight.


After months of training and eating well (cut my carbs, more on veggies plus meat hehe!), people noticed that I started to lose weight – best thing an overweight person can hear from people especially when you start to wear your smaller, older clothes wherein it can fit you again. I was happy with the results and I even joined a kettlebell event (imagine) sadly I came up short but nonetheless I enjoyed it 🙂


Fast forward, after graduating from college I started working. My first job was at a food company that basically sells lechon, Yes Lechon. At first it didn’t bother me because I knew that I had discipline and it was just nearby the gym where I was working out.

Things begin to change, the transition from being a student to a young professional was quite baffling for me. There’s a sudden change of lifestyle – now I need to wake up earlier to get to work compared to when I was in college that I can wake up at noon. I started to feel exhausted, then I quit the gym because started to feel lazy about exercising after work, I also started to cast my exhaustion from a hard days work to food (always had a heavy dinner). I started to forget about my good eating habits and just went on to what I see relentlessly, plus the job that I had has a lot to do about food, consequently also has a lot to do about eating.

Muffin tops, shrinked shirts and busted buttons. It was just the few things a person can experience to get a low self esteem. I try to get back to working out from time to time but laziness, food and booze just defeats me.

I entered Law School, to finally fulfill my dream of being a lawyer. It was all of what I expected –  Pressure from readings, late nights, and lots of coffee with the occasional drinking sessions (hihi) and that was all on top of a day job.

I was overweight, again.


My weight sprung back to where it was last 2013, before I started working out.

I was lazy, carefree and powerless

It taught me:


As the bible says, “you reap what you sow” this is one of my favorite quotes of all time – Practical and Realistic. We all want something in life but it should not end there, our wants should be accompanied by executions coupled by continuous efforts (sounds like a commitment) and the test of it all is what are we willing to do for what we want? How far can we go for what we want? For me, everything is a matter of choice, good or bad we have to make it but I make sure that I’m aware of what I do and what I eat.

My resolution, I make sure to balance everything — when I pig out  today, I don’t restrict, I have my freedom because I know that I deserve it, and the calories deserve me too,  but I also go on days that I seem like a vegetarian a vegan or to something to that effect, striking a balance between being healthy and being happy. 🙂 That’s my simple formula.

Another effort is working out, I enjoy working out but I don’t go to the gym. How? As my personal choice — to free myself from traffic, and the bills that comes from the gym, I invested on my own equipments (but I prefer to call them my toys). I bought some kettlebells (2 units of 16kg and 1 unit 24kg), suspension straps (TRX or Junglegym etc.), Fitness Ball, Foam Roller and a mat. With these toys, I can do a productive workout session in just a short span of time. I see to it that I stick with the basics i.e. Swings, Squats, Push Ups & Seated Pull Ups, everything else is just gravy. I keep my workouts Simple, Short and Intense. Usually, it’s just for 10 to 40mins, who doesn’t have that much time? I know that sometimes (or most of the time) especially when we go from work, we feel tired and lazy to work out but there’s no other way to get through it but to fight through it. My rule, a short workout is better than no workout at all. Of course, a little help from music, it doesn’t need to be gym music, I listen to what I like, I can do kettlebell swings with fra lippo lippi’s light and shade playing in the background.


We all have that one friend who normally eats like The Rock on his cheat day but still wears small sized shirts. Yes, we all have that friend, unfair? No, My mindset is that I shouldn’t fret for I believe that god has given us what we need and leaves what we want for us to work on. There are other things that we should happy about and appreciate, a matter of positive thinking helps. There are worse things in the world than a weight problem, some do not even know when their next meal will be. Always be positive even if things don’t seem to matter because someday it will. Your workouts count, trust me.


This is a matter of perception, when I fail, I always think “It is not the end of the road”. When I succeed, may mind also say “It is not the end of the road”. Simply put, after a failure, start anew, learn from it, after success, continue, start a greater goal and keep that fire burning, momentum’s on my side.

The day to day struggle, we cannot avoid. At this point, I can say that I’m close to reaching my goal but it shouldn’t stop me because if I did, I might find myself uncomfortable with my clothes, again. Here are few things that I always keep in mind to keep me going:  I workout not because I want to have rock hard abs (but it would be better) or a sleeve busting arms.

I workout to release stress

I workout to be strong enough to handle my day to day tasks

I workout to feel good about myself

I workout because my body needs it

I workout for the endorphins

I workout to enjoy what life has to offer

Because of the interest in what I do, I became more curious about it and the more I become curious the more I strive to learn. They say that learning is a continuous process, I agree. I keep myself abreast with the latest information and techniques in the field of fitness, I make sure that I observe the correct techniques and more importantly execute the exercises in the correct form otherwise it may cause injury. A matter of responsibility and it’s always a good thing to learn new things especially when you’re the kind of person who gets easily bored. Some pages  that I get information are from: Ido Portal, Pat Flynn, Sokol Strong, Lean in 15 and T Nation. These pages, as I have mentioned above also follow a Simple, Short & Intense workout. You don’t have to live in the gym, go out and enjoy life.

As a working student, I have a lot of things to juggle, I have a lot of things in my head. I can even give it as an excuse for having zero exercise but I choose not to, simply for this reason — Just imagine  a car without having its maintenance from time to time. Sure it may still work but at to some extent, problems may arise and some parts may begin to wear out and eventually may need an overhaul. Personally, I apply the same thing, my workouts serve as the maintenance for my body to keep me in good running condition and food serves as fuel. We all have our dreams and aspirations in life, our careers, our studies it sometimes wears and stresses us out (or most of the time). That being said, I find being physically active a way of coping up with stress by sweating out all of the negative vibes and replacing it with good hormones after each workout.

PS. I wrote this just in case my pounds go after me again.